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“Teaching an infant or a toddler to swim is not only a matter of safety, it's also a great way to stimulate the child's physical coordination, concentration, and intelligence. ...... "
“Mrs Purnama attended the “How to multiply your baby’s intelligence” course when Chloe was a little baby. Upon completion of the course, Mrs Purnama began Glenn Doman’s home-based teaching programs ....

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Glenn Doman Mandarin Kit Glenn Doman Mandarin Kit Volume 1 and 2 - comes with "The Amazing Farm / 奇妙的农场" and a "Talking Pen" Comprises of 1282 word cards...."
How To Teach Your Baby To Read
“How To Teach Your Baby To Read shows just how easy and pleasurable it is to teach a young child to read by providing skills that are basic to .....

What to do About Your Brain Injured Child Course 2016

Venue : One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya
Date :  25th - 29th July 2016

Brain Damaged, Mentally Retarded, Mentally Deficient, Cerebral-Palsied, Autistic, Epileptic, Althetoid, Hyperactive, Attention Deficit Discorder, Developmentally Delay, Down's Child

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